, social casino games.

Overall, women spend the most time on mobile gaming. Except for hardcore games, women engage the longest with hyper-casual, causal, midcore and social casino games. They spend 25 minutes on average on casual games, 25% more time than their male peers, who clock in at 20 minutes. These figures make casual mobile games the most successful category, with on average 50% longer playing times. Hyper-casual games capture gamers for the shortest time overall. The playtime is on average 7.4 minutes, 45% less time per day than the average mobile games playtime.

Role-Playing gamers are the biggest spenders. Role-playing games, which are part of the hardcore games category, is the highest earning game category, accounting for 31% of all mobile gaming revenue. Across all categories, most of the revenue is generated through in-app purchases (53%) and in-app advertising (46%), while only 1% comes from paid mobile games.

Some of the most successful games are Lion Studios' “Save the Girl” and Socialpoint's “Dragon City”, which have top 5 placements in the charts in each of the five regions for their corresponding app category. China presents the biggest growth opportunity for games. When looking at mobile game revenue, China is currently leading with 90 million USD and 58 billion downloads. Interestingly, while the U.S. ranks second in terms of mobile game revenue (129m USD), its number of downloads is comparatively low at just 7.2 billion. In terms of gender, male gamers (53%) are more prevalent than female players (47%), while we see the highest concentration (34%) of gamers in the 25-34 age group.

Methodology: The index ranks the Android gaming apps with the highest number of installations according to adjoe first party-data and then ranks them by the amount of time users spend playing these games on a daily basis. The index has been created using adjoe’s first-party Android device data tracked by the adjoe SDK. As a result of the SDK’s user opt-in, adjoe has insights into a user’s complete device logs, including the apps they have installed and the amount of time spent on each one. This data is aggregated and generalized by both app and user to create adjoe’s Time Spent ranking.

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" class="pressPanel__text margin-bottom-20 margin-horizontal-30 margin-horizontal-s-15">女性花在手机游戏上的时间最多——在疫情期间,手机游戏行业增长了57%——角色扮演游戏玩家是最大的用户。


Statista执行董事会新狗万官网狗万官方网站成员:Arne Wolter接任首席销售和营销官的职位……

Arne Wolter joins Statista with a clear vision: "My new role allows me to be a part of the rapid growth of Statista. I am deeply impressed by what my new team has achieved and am very much looking forward to working with them! As soon as it is possible again, I will drop by all offices worldwide to meet my new colleagues in person."

About Statista
Founded in Germany in 2007, Statista employs around 1,100 people across four continents in 13 locations. Statista is a leading data and business intelligence platform and provides international market and consumer studies. The "Data as a Service" business model is unique in this form; there are no direct competitors on the market.

" class="pressPanel__text margin-bottom-20 margin-horizontal-30 margin-horizontal-s-15">汉堡,2021年9月8日——从2021年9月1日起,Arne Wolter担任Statista的首席销售和营销官。狗万官网狗万官方网站在此职位上,他将领导全球账户业务。阿恩……



Hamburg, August 11, 2021 – Statista teamed up with SPORTFIVE to create the European Football Benchmark, surveying more than 18,700 fans across the world, including nearly 2,600 UK Premier League fans. As one of the largest studies of its kind, the EFB provides a close look at football’s most central topics such as COVID-19, VAR, social media and discrimination.

Liverpool most liked, Manchester United the most polarizing club, and Leicester City crash the “Big Six”
Premier League fans in the UK rate Liverpool over their old rivals Manchester United as the most liked and loved club in the Premier League with 55% compared to 53%. However, Manchester United despite limited success over the last few seasons are the most polarizing club for UK fans. Rating them as the most loved (23%) and hated (15%) at the same time. Along with Chelsea, Manchester United are also the most disliked overall, both seeing 30% of fans saying they either disliked or hated each club. Leicester's fairytale league win in 2016 and FA cup in 2021 has seen them crash the big six at Tottenham's expense in terms of likability scoring 38% and 30% respectively.


UK Fans hopeful VAR rule changes make an impact
The announcement of changes to the VAR system for the Premier League 2021/22 season will have been music to many UK fans’ ears: only 14% of UK premier league fans believe the implementation of VAR has gone to plan. Thus, only 27% of UK fans thought the game to be fairer. Before this announcement was made most fans stated they were either unsure (31%) or against (20%) VAR.

Clubs should stand up for progressive causes, but these must be framed as values not politics
There is a fine balance when trying to do the right thing in football. Clubs must not shy away from standing up for progressive values, a majority (56%) of UK Premier League fans say. They want to see clubs take a stronger stance on issues such as discrimination. However, particularly among the older generation, fans do not want to see clubs conflate these values with political ideologies. To fans responsibility lies with social media companies as well. 44% of UK football fans do not think social media companies are doing enough to tackle discrimination in football.

Methodology: Statista surveyed over 18,700 fans from across Europe, China and the U.S. in May 2021 to examine opinions on the Big Five European leagues and football more generally. The study was conducted as part of the Statista Global Consumer Survey via an online access panel. 2,574 Premier League Fans from the UK where surveyed.

If you like more information or more international data, feel free to reach out to us.
All teams ranked by like/love:
Team Love them Like them Total 
 Liverpool 22% 23% 45%
Manchester United 23% 20% 43%
Arsenal 17% 22% 39%
Leicester City 7% 31% 38%
Manchester City 12% 25% 37%
Chelsea 13% 23% 36%
Tottenham Hotspur 9% 21% 30%
Aston Villa 5% 23% 28%
Leeds United 6% 22% 28%
Newcastle United 7% 18% 25%
Everton 5% 19% 24%
West Ham United 5% 18% 23%
Wolverhampton Wanderers 5% 17% 22%
Brighton & Hove Albion 4% 18% 22%
Southampton 4% 18% 22%
Burnley 4% 17% 21%
Crystal Palace 4% 17% 21%
Fulham 4% 16% 20%
Brentford 3% 16% 19%
Norwich City 3% 16% 19%
Sheffield United 3% 15% 18%
West Bromwich Albion 4% 13% 17%
Watford 3% 13% 16%
All teams ranked by dislike/hate:
Team Hate them Dislike them Total
Manchester United 15% 15% 30%
Chelsea 10% 20% 30%
Manchester City 11% 16% 27%
Tottenham Hotspur 9% 15% 24%
Liverpool 12% 11% 23%
Arsenal 7% 15% 22%
Leeds United 6% 14% 20%
Everton 5% 14% 19%
West Ham United 5% 12% 17%
Newcastle United 4% 12% 16%
Watford 4% 11% 15%
Burnley 3% 11% 14%
Crystal Palace 3% 11% 14%
Fulham 3% 11% 14%
Sheffield United 4% 10% 14%
West Bromwich Albion 4% 10% 14%
Aston Villa 3% 10% 13%
Norwich City 4% 9% 13%
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3% 9% 12%
Brighton & Hove Albion 3% 9% 12%
Southampton 4% 8% 12%
Leicester City 3% 8% 11%
Brentford 3% 8% 11%
About Statista 
The Data powerhouse was founded in Germany in 2007 and has about 1,000 employees at twelve office locations on four continents. Statista is a leading data and business intelligence portal which conducts international market and consumer studies as well as surveys. The business model "data as a service" is unique with no direct competitors in the market.
" class="pressPanel__text margin-bottom-20 margin-horizontal-30 margin-horizontal-s-15">汉堡,2021年8月11日——Statista与SPO狗万官网狗万官方网站RTFIVE合作创建了欧洲足球基准,调查了全球超过1.87万名球迷,其中包括近……